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Hi-Ho Silverfish…The Klan Rides Again

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Recently, at a well-secured remote ranch outside of Austin Texas in temperatures above 105 degrees – where silverfish and other insects thrive – Rick Perry pledged to America’s leading evangelical leaders that, if elected President, he would work to deny women the right to any kind of abortion, which means even in cases where a father rapes a daughter, and he would fight the good fight to keep the gay community from having the right to marry, or, for that matter, any other rights. Among the cheering crowd of some 200 mouth breathers were many luminaries of the Christian right, including Focus on the Family founder James C. Dobson, Tony Perkins of The Family Research Council, and Richard Land of the Southern Baptist Convention Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, as well as dozens of young people from around the country including many African Americans and Latinos – proving yet again that tiny minded bigotry and sheer breathtaking stupidity knows no color or ethnicity. As far as all these attendees were concerned the only stain on Perry’s 10 year record as Governor of Texas was his attempt in 2007 to require sixth grade girls to be inoculated against the human papillomavirus, a cause of cervical cancer. Perry now says that such an effort was a mistake.

Said one masked attendee, (who refused to give his name), “the onliest thing that would have made this a more perfecter day is if’n my new white sheet wasn’t in the laundry.”

Author’s note: In no way is it my intent to demean Silverfish, or any other insects by this comparison.

In a related item: The following email has surfaced. It comes from a Tea Partier volunteering his services to Rick Perry’s campaign;

To whose concerned,

Im a high school graduat. I used to rezide in Kansas but I rezide now from Iowa whos verry capabal of everything. I curently want too help Rick Perry on his running. (Go Rick) I graduatted near the top of the class. Lookking for work whare I can do things to help in his campain. I was captian of the football team and the quarterback to. I am a verry  religius person and will always be to work on time. I dont need to start at top. Will work my way up good. My mom and dad are also verry religius to and have been a huhg part to making me to be what I am to. I like what you stand for and I beleive I can be a valuble asett. Please email me and make a appointtment.  God bless America.

Thanks to you for your considderration .

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2 thoughts on “Hi-Ho Silverfish…The Klan Rides Again

  1. Ah, Rick Perry. The man who wanted Texas to secede….seems perfectly capable of leading our nation.


    Posted by k8edid | September 6, 2011, 12:04 am

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