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Rick Perry: We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Healthcare (and a Related Item)

Combatting Transnational Gangs

Rick Perry was interviewed today as he sharpened his Bowie knife in preparation for performing surgery on his own prostate. When asked why he would do such a thing Mr. Perry said; “we Texan’s are tough and we sure as shootin’ don’t need no sissy socialistic health insurance, all I need here is a good mirror. My grandpappy cut out his own hemorrhoid with a butter knife. If he could live without health insurance so can we all.” When asked how old his Grandfather was when he died, Mr. Perry said; “old enough.”

And, in a related item:

While we’re all about remembering 9/11, let’s also remember that one of the “heroes” of 9/11, one Rudy Giuliani, despite the protests of basically all of New York City’s top security advisors, chose anyway to put NYC’s Emergency Command Center in The World Trade Center, completely ignoring the fact that the WTC was Ground Zero due to it’s being bombed in a terrorist attack in 1993. But, because it was a short walk from his office at City Hall, and because the City Hall Press Corp would then always be on hand to cover Rudy’s exploits, our “hero” chose to place the 61 billion dollar Emergency Command Center in the WTT! That’s just the smallest tip of the iceberg in Giuliani’s ego driven mismanagement of NYC’s emergency preparedness and response mechanism – Something that would greatly magnify the disaster that was 9/11. For the full expose of Rudy Giuliani’s criminal ineptitude see the *link below…it is a chilling account of Giuliani’s culpability in pre-worsening the already huge magnitude of 9/11. I say this is a related item to Rick Perry because it is typical of the Republican Party disdain for proper, vigilant Governmental oversight, in order to protect the ordinary citizens of this country at the expense of their privileged benefactors. As far as people like Giuliani, and Cheney, and Norquist, and Perry are concerned, we don’t need an EPA, or banking regulations, or even healthcare, or especially any regulations, that would prevent the rich and powerful from taking advantage of the weakest among us. Government oversight is a terrible nuisance for them – some annoying sand in the levers of the power they must, by their avaricious, arrogant natures, wield over our lives. It’s the only thing that stands as a firewall between us, their greed, and their willingness to sacrifice the common man on the altar of their own selfish ends. This is why they continue to try to convince us that government is a bad word. Sorry to get so serious here…but it’s a serious anniversary.


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  1. Howie
    Enjoyed reading your blog. Keep it up.


    Posted by Martin Anderman | September 11, 2011, 11:46 am

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