Donald Trump

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Whats the big deal abowt broun water in Jakson Misissipi anyway? So what the water is broun so are thay. Duh. Thay dont bath anyway right? And thay also all vote democrat right? And anyway thay can get water from the Pearl River. So what if it aint clean thay are to.  Who cares if … Continue reading


Trump Monster at birth Vile fetid dump Nothing of worth Cruel, stupid, crass Gross orange girth Cancerous mass Fouling the Earth Blood on your hands Stoker of fears Death your sole brand Heartbreak and tears Evil to bone Ugly down deep Rot set in stone As you sow, reap We see your face We know … Continue reading


So sad to see How cavalierly We let slip through our hand What was once called the “Land Of the Free “And the Home of the Brave” Now down on its knees To the sleaze And the knave To the con And the grift Reason numbed By the swift Dumbing down By the mind- Numbing … Continue reading


It’s niggas and Jews Makes us do meth and booze Or else weed have well-paying jobs Fuck uncle Ben Were all smart white men Were not no dumm beer-swilling slobs ‘Cause we love Qanon We are all put upon But we’re different from Jews Chinks and Coons Were American white The nights of the Right … Continue reading


“Good, the peasants are at each other’s throats. We have to keep them that angry. Keep their stupid minds occupied with a red-hot hatred while we do whatever we want. The Jews, and the niggers, the spics and the chinks are going to take their jobs. Take their livelihoods from them. Their wives and children … Continue reading


By an overwhelming margin of 92 to 8 the all-male Republican-led Senate today passed the bill mandating that all fetuses must file a tax return. Every Republican Senator voted for the bill while the 8 female Democratic Senators from New York, California, Massachusetts, Hawaii and Vermont voted nay. The Democratic members were then arrested as … Continue reading