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Another View From The Tea Party (# 4 in the Satirical Series Emails from the Tea Party)

Contrary to the email you’ve received to date from various other members of our Tea Party, my wife and I are both educated, well-informed university graduates, (me; Oral Roberts University Law School, she; Liberty University Law School). As attorneys, and students of the Constitution of these United States, we can both vouchsafe that there is … Continue reading

Immagrints Are The Cause (# 2 in the satirical series; “Email from the Tea Party”)

I personaly think that all these people from countries like Tiajuanna and Accapulco should just go home and leave us alone here. They are why everythings stinks here and now. These lefty progressive and liberal people always say that the mess we are in now its President George W. Bushes fawlt. But how on G-ds … Continue reading

So How About We Just All Become Indignant?

The prevailing wisdom is that anger never got anyone anywhere. While it is true that in time all things pass, and that in the great scheme of things getting a good mad on doesn’t mean too much, and the universe that birthed us will eventually swallow, digest, and disgorge all of us in a different … Continue reading

Matter of Life and Death

This is by no means a scientific piece, rather, it is a piece dealing with the feeling I have long had regarding the nature of death. To put it simply I believe that life is permanent and death is temporary. To my mind, life is the ever existing background against which birth, conscious existence, death, … Continue reading

Seizing The Moment/The Obama Condition

Most, if not all, Presidents are, and have been, students of history. Knowing this, I sit here wondering why President Obama has not, or, by the time many of you read this, did not, take any of the myriad opportunities available to him to stand up and forcefully seize the moment. Didn’t he, or whoever … Continue reading

Hello world!

Welcome to my mind. I hope you are entertained and informed by it. enjoy.