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So How About We Just All Become Indignant?

Antonin Scalia in 2010.

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The prevailing wisdom is that anger never got anyone anywhere. While it is true that in time all things pass, and that in the great scheme of things getting a good mad on doesn’t mean too much, and the universe that birthed us will eventually swallow, digest, and disgorge all of us in a different form anyway, I think working up a good case of anger is, in times like these, quite healthy. Right here, right now, I think we all of us who are still somewhat sane ought to be good and stinking pissed off fuming irate at the misguided, uninformed, downright racist yahoos, who are controlling our country’s debate with their self righteous ignorance. But since these days perception seems to be everything, let’s just skirt the word anger, and let’s just all become indignant. There – isn’t that better? Okay, here we go.

Aren’t you the least bit indignant that a cretin like a Rick Perry does not disavow, but instead will invite to his rally, a genuine Hitler apologist (the holocaust was “God’s idea”), and *homophobic Jew bashing racist like this Hagee scumbag, who has the nerve to call himself a pastor? Shouldn’t this alone be enough to neuter this Perry – a rather good idea in itself – and doesn’t it speak volumes about the bottom feeders who think this monster is someone to be accorded even a modicum of respect? This carnival sideshow barker, who’s handshake probably leaves one looking for the industrial strength de-greaser, has the nerve to brag about his state’s jobs record – which probably plays well to his base of boobs – but certainly doesn’t withstand the scrutiny of anyone with an IQ above 100. His state *leads the country in minimum wage employees (not that there’s anything wrong with taking whatever work you can), but what about trying to support a family on a minimum wage, and oh, by the by – *students in Texas currently rank 47th in the nation in literacy, 49th in verbal SAT scores and 46th in math scores. *As of 2010 Texas ranks 43rd in students graduating from High School. Might there possibly be any connection to minimum wage jobs here?  As far as the environment goes, *Texas ranks Number 1 as worst in the country in 9 different categories, and in the 6 worst for an additional 15 categories, and he’s running for the highest office in the land so he can bring all this wonderfulness to all of us in the whole country. Are you indignant yet? Maybe a little bit?

And as far as the brain-dead citizens of the good state of Iowa are concerned who believe Michele Bachmann is qualified to be the Leader of the free world, (and I use the word free advisedly), I think I’d rather be hung up by my scrotum than live among these imbeciles, or, for that matter, among those upright “Christians” in Texas, who apparently lack the common decency, as well as the gene which produces shame, that would keep them from showing up to support a vile snake-oil salesman like Perry without a mask covering their face. Even such notorious lowlifes as the Ku Klux Klan had the decency to at least attempt the impossible and try to cover their ugliness with a bed sheet. So yes, I am good and angry – oops – indignant, at all of these ignoramuses who support one or both of these opportunists. To put a finer point on it, I am ablaze with indignation.

Supreme Court Justice (an oxymoron if ever there was one) Antonin Scalia famously said of the Court’s actions in the Gore v. Bush fiasco “oh, get over it” – even though this travesty of justice led directly to The United States’ illegal invasion of Iraq, and the onset of the economic travails we are now mired in. “Get over it”, as if all he did was tell someone their ass was fat, instead of send an entire country reeling off on the road to the poorhouse. This is a person who, as far as I can tell, is supremely unqualified to adjudicate a jaywalking ticket. Just look up some of his *opinions on issues like rape i.e., rape victims cannot sue their alleged attackers. (May 2000), the environment – polluters can’t be sued after they stop polluting (Jan 2000), or abortion – since framers didn’t allow abortion, the issue is settled (Sept 2008). How do we get stuck with the incompetents that seem to attain great power in this country? Shouldn’t we feel pretty damned indignant at all this overt injustice?

Look at what getting good and indignant has helped this Tea Party gaggle accomplish. Their anger has propelled them onto the National stage, and into a position where they may be making policy for the entire country. In this equation it’s not the anger, or the indignation, that’s wrong, rather it’s what and who these people are angry at that’s wrong. In and of itself, anger is just a thing, and what you do with this thing is what determines whether it’s a negative or positive. We rational people of this country must take our anger, our indignation, to the voting booth and get rid of these tea baggers, this Perry, this Bachmann, who should not be in government in the first place, because in their own words they hate government. Of course they don’t bother giving a thought as to what would happen to our food, our schools, air traffic, our environment, our Medicare, etc., without government.

You may say that name-calling doesn’t help the situation. Perhaps, but it makes me feel better to express my indignation, and to label these people just what I feel they are. So maybe a little indignation can help you too. In this case, at the risk of sounding like one of these insane fundamentalists, it could be called righteous indignation. And if a little helps, how about a whole lot of indignation? Certainly, isn’t it finally warranted? Isn’t it about time?

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