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There is only one way to fight back against what The Supreme Whores, lickspittles of the Federalist Society and the Religious Right, just did to this country. With few exceptions, every single Republican MUST be defeated at the ballot box. The 65% of decent Americans in this country who still believe in the basic rights … Continue reading


Supreme Court strikes down New York State gun law. You tell me that these scummy Right-wing Conservative cocksuckers don’t want us fearful and confused as they continue to rob the working-class. Fat Federalist scum Despoiler of earth Scales ‘neath the thumb Of silver spoon birth Oil must flow Coal must be mined Profits must grow … Continue reading


Icy nights Stifling morns Melting ice Years of warns Fires, floods Hurricanes Sliding mud Bone-dry plains Rising seas Aftershocks Famine, disease Pandora’s box And at root All along The iron boot Of all gone wrong Great enemy Of water, air Of land, of sea Of elk, of bear Of fish and fowl Of oak and … Continue reading


Trump Monster at birth Vile fetid dump Nothing of worth Cruel, stupid, crass Gross orange girth Cancerous mass Fouling the Earth Blood on your hands Stoker of fears Death your sole brand Heartbreak and tears Evil to bone Ugly down deep Rot set in stone As you sow, reap We see your face We know … Continue reading


So sad to see How cavalierly We let slip through our hand What was once called the “Land Of the Free “And the Home of the Brave” Now down on its knees To the sleaze And the knave To the con And the grift Reason numbed By the swift Dumbing down By the mind- Numbing … Continue reading


I am not a conspiracy person. When I say that The Money controls us all, and especially the politicians, I do not mean that the wealthy elite sit around tables planning how to fuck us, the little people. What I do mean is this: by and large the super-wealthy of our world do not think … Continue reading