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WHAT!!? ORGY? ORGY?? (# 5 in the Satirical Series; Emails from the Tea Party

I just heard on the TV while I was in the other room that Sprint is America’s favorite ORGY network? What? What??? This is crazy! This is something my grandchildren are seeing! This wanton purmisivness has GOT TO STOP! What with the gays getting married and whatever else those people do, I mean, who knows … Continue reading

Why I Am an Atheist

Nature is my staff                   The Universe my rod I find religion’s  notion Of what God is To be odd   The first Gods were creations By people who could see That there are things far greater Than them, or you, or me   These Gods – they represented The “spirits” all around The thunder, lightning, … Continue reading

To My Wonderful Readers… I Have to go off-line again…

…and I hope you’ll bear with me. I shall be absent for at least a week while I am in NYC doing some re-writing. I will post – but I’m afraid that I won’t have the time to comment on the many wonderful posts of the bloggers I follow- or answer your comments, if any, … Continue reading

The Magnificent Beautiful Bee vs. Man i.e. The Magnificently Selfish, Stupid, Shortsighted, Greedy Species.

The beautiful bee is growing extinct And as it goes so goes our food The bee and our food’s inextricably linked One day there’ll be naught to be chewed   The crops are no longer rotated in clover The flowers bees feed on are now poison-filled As bees sip the pesticides their lives are over … Continue reading

The Ballad of Willard “Mitt” Romney or: Willard is a Perfect Name for Someone Who Enjoys the Company of *Rodents.

Mitt you’re a real fucking git You’re a scumbag, and a douche bag large writ You’re a self-serving spoiled piece of shit As fake as a silicon tit With one half  the wit of half-wit With a laugh that’s a real counterfeit A flip flopping smug hypocrite An empty valise of a nit So wholly, … Continue reading

“No Problem” or: Hey Mister – Is That Your House That’s on Fire?

Whenever I hear the words “no problem” I instinctively look up as I quickly sidestep, fully expecting to see a safe plummeting straight at my head from thirty stories above me. Either I quickly look up, or I quickly sprint away from where I’m standing because the ground is going to open up and swallow … Continue reading