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What the Hell is Wrong with Our Laws Today? More Email from the Tea Party

I am a one hunnerd and ten percent of flag wavin red blooded American male, a G-d fearin’ Christain an a proud member of the South Carolina Tea Party. I heard with my own two ears on the Fox news today that they was jes givin’ out measly $50 tickets for people who was prancin … Continue reading


…for all the kind mail guys. will be back soon. xo

The Ballad of: What is Obscenity? Or: It’s All Upside-Down

Clemens is on trial for “juice” Edwards for campaign abuse But Cheney and W Reduced Iraq to rubble who Lied just to do it – are loose   Bradley Manning told all of us facts The Pentagon’s political hacks Don’t want us to know So now he must go On trial for his heroic acts … Continue reading

a word to my (kind) readers

folks, i need about a week off from commenting, or replying to same, as i have to write a pilot script. i have one post in the can which i’ll put up tomorrow. i’ll try to read but…meanwhile, play nice while i’m away…this means you. see you all in about a week. xo continue…tony