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Republican OUTRAGE! (Next Thing You Know He’ll Ask Us to Give Up One of Our Three Bentleys)

Congressional Republicans expressed outrage today at the mere whiff of the notion that President Obama will put forth a proposal to tax millionaires at the same rate as middle-class taxpayers. Said one, under the condition of anonymity, “what right has this darkie got to tell my friends that they should pay as much a percentage … Continue reading

Manscaping: Be All the Ken You Can Be

Having seen the TV ad, and realizing that this was what I had needed all along – if I was ever to be as fully manscaped as a Ken Doll – I ran home from the tanning salon, inspected my arms, armpits, legs, chest, and crotch, for any offending hints of even the appearance of … Continue reading

Mitt Romney: The Art of the Flip- Flop. Or; if I Said That, This is What I Really Meant…For Now. Unless I Change My Mind. I Think. Maybe.

Republican Primary candidate Mitt Romney made an unscheduled campaign stop yesterday in New Blemish Iowa. The New Blemish Daily Morning Movement, the town’s paper of record reports that Mr. Romney stopped for breakfast, some “pressing the flesh,” and an impromptu “town hall” meeting at New Blemish’s favorite dining destination, Phil and Darla’s Hits ‘n Runs … Continue reading

Midnite Trampoline, In Which Gigolo Vito La Cuenta Falls For a Client and Gets Left Holding the Pasta

My two part MusicFilm riff on Italian Cinema. Co-Starring Corinne Loraine, Valorie Armstrong…and see if you can find John Goodman. From my Sony Video EP “Don’t Nobody Move (This is a Heist),” and second CD “Under The Cover of Darkness.” Click on “continue reading” to watch both parts. Enjoy. Part One: Part Two:

We’re Saved…Trump and Perry, Two of America’s Finest Minds Together at Last

Two of America’s finest minds met the other evening, and both agreed to tackle one of the foremost questions facing this country right now. Donald Trump and Rick Perry were in solid agreement that President Barack Obama’s birth certificate maybe, just could be, might actually, you know, really be not real…definitely maybe. They agreed that … Continue reading

One Nutty, Crazy, Koo Koo, Flipped Out, Screwball, Best Day of Days – EVER!

Her name was Mia, Mia Kulpa. And believe me, if being ravishing was a capital offense, a jury would retire, deliberate for 17 seconds, and find her guilty on all counts. Some people said she was bad. I thought she was good…real good.   I first met Mia that balmy spring day when she floated … Continue reading