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News Flash: Mrs. Satan Defends Husband

In light of recent statements by Senator Rick Santorum, Ethel Satan held a press conference this morning to take issue with Santorum’s remarks. Said Mrs. Satan, “I have been married to the wonderful Mr. Satan forever” she said, “And I can tell you that far from this image he has of someone “evil” – and … Continue reading

More Email from the Tea Party or: Fooled by the Gay TV

I was ironing and starching my hubbies under wares the other day last week while he was out teachin’ the grandkids to shoot squirrels because he says the starchy stiffness of his shorts reminds him of when he was a teen-ager and I heared on the TV that they was giving awards out to grannies … Continue reading

The Ballad of Ayatollah Santorum or: Hey – Why Shouldn’t Our Women Wear Burqas Anyway? And – What Does He Really Want?

If this repressed idiot Should win what a pity it Would signal that we’re certifiable Might we then be condoning Slave owning and stoning? After all, they’re okay in Rick’s bible And let’s not forget folks who are “smart” Rick says they’re “Satanic” at heart And the “elites” who’ve been taught By these “smart” folk … Continue reading

The Ballad of What the Right-Wing Neocon Plutocrats Want – Really.

Best believe the far right majority Ain’t concerned with women, gays, or minorities Shit is all subterfuge All they want is a stooge To help loot us – their A1 priority   And part of the plan of these stoats Is to keep us at each other’s throats While weaseling more Of what they’re living … Continue reading

The Ballad of the In-Denial Republicans or: How Can You Stay at a Party You Haven’t Even Been Invited To In The First Place?

Let’s hear it for our gay and black Republican friends And Republican women – who all must do logical bends To rationalize why they’re part of – alas – A party who treats them like they’re second-class Give it up for these Republican step-children Blacks, women, and gays – it’s bewilderin’ That they’re part of … Continue reading

The Ballad of Republican Fuck-ups or: How to Lay Down a Good Smokescreen

Let’s start this thing With the tone-deaf right wing Holding their “hearing” on women An all male panel Of men who all channel A time when all life was still swimmin’   Then the cartoon – named Foster Freiss Says an “aspirin between the knees” Worked as birth control before – lot’s of luck He’s … Continue reading