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The Ballad of Grover Norquist: Seditious Traitor, Asshole, Neocon Scumbag

‘O bring us another  Hail fellow well met Somebody who’s jovial and chummy A moron without A thought in his head ‘O Lord won’t you bring us a dummy -From the prayer of Grover   This virus call Norquist Who’s begging for your fist To punch the smirk off of his mug This traitor who … Continue reading

The Ultra Conservative Republican Stars of CPAC Meet in Washington D.C. or: Mommy, I’m A-Scared of the Clowns

The other evening laundries in and around our nation’s capital, as well as those of the very finest hotels, were kept buzzing deep into the early morning hours in a feverish attempt to get all the necessary sheets laundered, starched, and ironed, in order that the many delegates to the ultra-conservative Republican CPAC conference could … Continue reading

The Ballad of Rick Santorum or: What’s the Matter Girl – You Don’t Want Your Father’s Baby?

Now this freak Santorum Let’s look at who’s for ‘im A bunch of white guys who think women Should shut up, stay preggers (After all they’re just eggers) And a hole where their sperm can go swimmin’     © tony powers and Barking in the Dark, 2012. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material … Continue reading

Another in the Series “Email From the Tea-Party” or: “Erectile” Redux

I am sorry, but I just keep on hearing the word erectile in so many of our TV commershals these days that I am just all fit to be tied up. I am a growed 51 year old woman but I do not need to hear erectile this and erectile that and erectile all over … Continue reading

The Ballad of Republican Priorities and Philosophy Or: As You Can See Below the Poem, as Sung by Groucho in Horsefeathers, “I’m Against It.”

Well – it surely ain’t the poor And it ain’t the working class And it sure ain’t women’s issues ‘Cause they’re just pieces of ass And it sure ain’t jobs for people And it isn’t Medicare And it ain’t re-building cities Or infra-structure anywhere And it isn’t getting money Out of our elections Nor is … Continue reading

Fuck Planned Parenthood! Fuck Breast Exams! Republican Raid on Seven Sisters Schools Jails Ten Thousand Women…More to Come.

Led by Republican Senator The Right Reverend Billy Willy Joe Bob Goober of Mississippi, a crack team of ex-Blackwater assault troops called Kochs Kommandos pulled off a coordinated surprise pre-dawn raid on the five of the seven sisters, a group of liberal arts women’s colleges in the Northeast, the two exceptions to the raid being … Continue reading