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The Ballad of “Social Issues” And “Socialism” From the Conservative Point of View or: That Bernie is a Commie Pinko But, We’ll Take The Bail-Out

“Genuine equality means not treating everyone the same, but attending equally to everyone’s different needs.” ― Terry Eagleton, Why Marx Was Right “Social issues” – “Commie” code for basic human need Providing equal aid to all is “Socialism’s” seed There’s just no funds for schools right now we know you understand We need this money … Continue reading


If this If this grotesque slob Gets the President’s job It will loudly proclaim To all of our shame We’re the land of the freaks And the home of the brained. You buffoonish poseur With a comb-over sure To make sane folk cringe As you prove you’re unhinged You fat pompous fuck With a mouth … Continue reading


Oh what a marshmallow figure he cuts A combed-over hot air balloon of a putz The very ideal of orangutan man An orange-y presence, the shit in the fan With an oversized ego as large as his waist A sour expression – complexion of paste A blurter of nonsense – of witless ideas Of bluster … Continue reading


Here is the way                             The  Republicans play They piss in the stream without care Then they go to the well And scream bloody hell When they cannot find clean water there   Finally, we have the adoption Of the GOP feared … Continue reading


Widdle Johnny Boehner Weaks water wike a stwainer A dwinker and a weeper Has a caucus (can not keep ‘er) In thrall to all tea baggers And neo-conmen naggers He cannot make his mind up But must care if we wind up Broke and too disabled To put bread on the table Yet seems much … Continue reading


  Jim DeMint; this ode is for you   You’re as welcome to us as shit on a shoe   Gave us Rubio, now Cruz   You’re the slime and the ooze   And the stench of a foul public loo       You now run the Heritage foundation   Whose mission’s to screw … Continue reading