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I am a flea. And quite a handsome one at that. My wife says I am a very good catch. Okay, this is besides the point. The point is; I can speak with authority on behalf of all fleas everywhere when I say; I, we, have had it! We fleas have been maligned for years…ages…eons…for … Continue reading

The End of Hunger Plan or: The Republican Final Solution

In what Republican leaders were calling a ”bold stroke of genius” House Republicans have put forth House Bill HR 1536-A, sub- titled “The End of Hunger” bill, and have vowed to see that it become the law of the land. Boiled down to its essence, the bill proposes that people who live just above, on, … Continue reading

More Email from the Tea Party or: Fooled by the Gay TV

I was ironing and starching my hubbies under wares the other day last week while he was out teachin’ the grandkids to shoot squirrels because he says the starchy stiffness of his shorts reminds him of when he was a teen-ager and I heared on the TV that they was giving awards out to grannies … Continue reading

A DONALD TRUMP NEWS SPECIAL: (A Sneak Preview of Donald Trump’s Questions to the Republican Debaters)

Barking in the Dark has recently had the rare privilege of receiving an advance copy of the questions that moderator Donald Trump will be posing to the Republican candidates in their upcoming December 27th debate in Des Moines, Iowa. We received this list from someone close to the Trump organization and under a pledge of … Continue reading

The Best of the New iPhones: A Sneak Preview of the iPhone’s Next Generation

Apple today announced the next generation of iPhones, and there are some huge surprises here, as well as terrific gift ideas, for the tech savvy among us. Here are some of the new Apple offerings: The iThe Jury Phone….for the film noir fan in all of us The iCan’t Stop Loving You Phone…for the newly … Continue reading

My VBA. I Owe it All to My Mother and Her Mah Jongg Group

Okay…I’m just another weak-willed seeker of approval – there I’ve said it, i admit it, I plead guilty and throw myself on the mercy of the court. Having now confessed to my deeply flawed character I will now say that I am flattered and thrilled in the night to have a fellow purveyor of sarcasm … Continue reading