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The Ballad of the Koch Brothers or: A Line of This Koch Can Kill Ya

The Koch brothers, richer than Croesus “Never enough” is their thesis Their gold is behind The Republican mind In their ongoing efforts to fleece us Their biz ranks top ten in pollution Greed is their main attribution They bankroll their suitors The political polluters Who desecrate our Constitution     They’re cold money-grabbers for sure … Continue reading

I’ve Been Given the 7 X 7 Award – Again, I Owe it All to My Mother’s Mah Jongg Group

7 x 7 Link Award  (which icon i’m not clever enough to put into this post (it’s a miracle that i can create links) but courtesy of Dee at Miss Demure Restraint here’s the link for the award icon so you can post it in yours: http://i1218.photobucket.com/albums/dd416/missdemurerestraint/7by7.png And yes, I received the 7×7 Link Award from Miss … Continue reading

The Ballad of Grover Norquist or: Excuse me, but when did we elect this guy?

Every Republican kiss-ass Has pledged their allegiance to this ass Their mantra, their cure; Let’s just tax the poor Who cares about them, they’re a piss class His tax policy’s etched in acid A tax on the rich? We won’t pass it Let all the rest squirm On this he is firm Tho’ the rest … Continue reading

The Ballad of Bill O’Reilly (who has found a way to defend the pepper spraying of the sitting protestors at UC Davis )

Bill O’Reilly, the alleged “reporter  (would hook for a buck and a quarter) He’s Ruppert’s pet douche-bag A regular louche drag A sleazeball of the highest order He’s as real as a Viagra hard-on A face that someone laid a fart on But apart from all that The fun starts when this gnat Tries to … Continue reading

Why I Am so Filled With Vitriol for the Right-Wing and for Republicans in General

The other evening I saw a wonderful documentary on Hugh Romney aka Wavy Gravy, and it got me to questioning as to why I harbor such an animosity against the Right-Wing of this country, and, since they are usually all Republicans, why I harbor such a deep dislike in general of the Republican Party. Firstly, … Continue reading

The Ballad of Karl Rove

I’m Karl Rove – call me Herr Why should I even care If you’re poor or in need or you starve eh? I think I’m quite fair Why do they compare What I am to white grubs or fly larvae?   Me? I never harmed anyone I never had any fun In high school they … Continue reading