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Jobs?.. What Jobs? There’s Gays behind Every Bush Waiting to Jump on our Bodies

I-BLOW, or Iowans Behind Laws Outlawing Whatever, numbering some 1,000 evangelical voters strong, will be “flocking” to Des Moines Iowa Saturday for a forum to discuss what are – no doubt – the two issues uppermost in all American voters minds, namely, a woman’s right to choose, and the gay “problem.” All the Republican candidates … Continue reading

Why Should I Be Bothered to Signal When I Can Get Into a Nice Major Accident – and Hey, Maybe I Can Even Kill Someone?

It’s kind of amazing to me that anyone would drive their car, and choose not to signal whatever it is they’re about to do in their two ton plus vehicle. Why anyone would not avail themselves of any, and all, protective edge they can get against some idiot smashing into their kidneys is waaaaay beyond … Continue reading


  Unless we turn this battleship of state around post-haste we, as a country, are going to continue our slide into the mud hole of history alongside the glory that was Rome. As long as we continue to downgrade education, see; *(summary of Rick Perry’s education record in Texas at end of article), destroy the … Continue reading

ARE WE A VIRUS? (A Speculation on the Condition of Being Human)

I am now approaching my seventy fourth year and I have seen, and been royally ticked off, by quite enough mankind has done to date, thank you.   It has led me to long wonder if we “civilized” human beings are, in fact, merely a virus, perhaps the most viral parasitic species on the planet. … Continue reading

Whatever Happened to “I’m a Clerk?” or; Now, Here’s Our Next Contestant – Tell Us Sir, What Do You Do for a Living?

I hailed a cab at 72nd and Broadway and asked the Mobile Relocation Specialist to take me to Bloomingdale’s. The weather had turned threatening and I didn’t feel like walking even a short distance and possibly getting soaked.   Upon entering Bloomie’s I skillfully dodged the Scent Atomizer Professionals and headed for the elevator. The … Continue reading

OMG!!…I just SIS, and my shoe is really yucky, :-) WTF! WAB! LOL!

Woke up, stretched, JOOB, and headed for the BR, to BMT, WMF, CMH, and padded into the kitchen to MSC, and some BAE and T. Yummy! Went back to the BR and had a HBM…oooh so good, almost BTS,  :D…almost. I left the house, got in the car, and headed downtown TW. At the office, … Continue reading