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Sparks, NV 2/23/16 – In a hastily called press conference today Donald Trump made what he termed a “huge’ announcement. Speaking off-the-cuff and very forcefully he said; “I have carefully looked at all the possible running mates out there in The Republican Party and I have concluded that, by far, the most incredibly terrific ticket … Continue reading


So Iowans just said bye bye to ya We’ve seen ya and we’ve seen right through ya You once said “No one remembers who came in second,” Donald, your gold-plated penthouse now beckons   You were a Republican, then an independent, then you were a Democrat And then a Republican – again You’re a windsock, … Continue reading

The Ballad of Iowa – as it Concerns Michele (and Rick too)

Bye Michele, you were our prom pick If jokes are bombs then you’re atomic Goodbye to ya Said Iowa It’s left us short a major comic   Michele your routine’s are outrageous You should play the world’s great stages Palladiums And stadiums Then a year or two in Vegas   Glad to see your sidekick … Continue reading

So How About We Just All Become Indignant?

The prevailing wisdom is that anger never got anyone anywhere. While it is true that in time all things pass, and that in the great scheme of things getting a good mad on doesn’t mean too much, and the universe that birthed us will eventually swallow, digest, and disgorge all of us in a different … Continue reading