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The Magnificent Beautiful Bee vs. Man i.e. The Magnificently Selfish, Stupid, Shortsighted, Greedy Species.

The beautiful bee is growing extinct And as it goes so goes our food The bee and our food’s inextricably linked One day there’ll be naught to be chewed   The crops are no longer rotated in clover The flowers bees feed on are now poison-filled As bees sip the pesticides their lives are over … Continue reading

I think I’ll do the mashed potatoes (Does This Make Me a Pervert?)

Personally, I think it is perverse that so many diners in restaurants are now doing their food. This phraseology may not bother you in the least. Actually, I’m fairly sure you don’t give it a second thought. I, on the other hand, am driven around the bend whenever I hear someone say to a server … Continue reading