Joseph Goebbels

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To the ignorant, and no doubt Hispanic and Jew-loving, Barking in the Dark, I resent these stupid comparisons of myself to the great Joseph Goebbels. Firstly, Joseph Goebbels, though undoubtedly unparalleled in greatness, stood only 5′ 5.” I, also similar in my stature in unparalleled greatness, am a tall 5′ 10.” Secondly, I serve at … Continue reading

The Ballad of the Republican Plan or: You say Potato, I say Patahto, You say Tomato, I say Tamahto…

  In Bohemian Grove in ‘09 the Republicans hatched their plan Let’s get rid of this nigger Obama – ANY damn way we can   Long before they ever saw What the man could do To move us forward, they all swore On their bibles to Destroy the man even tho’ It meant destroying us … Continue reading

A New Year’s Ballad For the Right-Wing Media and Their Corporate Backers or: Here’s Wishing All You Toadies a Very,Very Crappy New Year.

The Kochs are two vermin Limbaugh needs wormin’ They spread their disease like ebola Ingraham’s a slag Coulter’s in drag And none of ‘em knows shit from shinola   Beck is a prick Hume is a dick O’Reilly’s a tick on humanity Murdoch’s a ghoul Asman’s a tool And speaking of tools there is Hannity … Continue reading