Karl Rove

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The Ballad of the Republican Plan or: You say Potato, I say Patahto, You say Tomato, I say Tamahto…

  In Bohemian Grove in ‘09 the Republicans hatched their plan Let’s get rid of this nigger Obama – ANY damn way we can   Long before they ever saw What the man could do To move us forward, they all swore On their bibles to Destroy the man even tho’ It meant destroying us … Continue reading

Ode to Herr Rove: In Honor of the Fact that His Super PAC Crossroads GPS, Will Spend an Obscene Amount of Money on Behalf of Republican Candidates Over the Next Year (and gee, aren’t they worth it?)

Karl Rove, something to scrape off your shoe What flows through the sewers What stops up the loo The discharge in the boil The snot from runny nose The canker sore upon the lip The fungus ‘tween the toes   The bile in the liver of a corpse dead of cirrhosis The presence of the … Continue reading

The Ballad of Karl Rove

I’m Karl Rove – call me Herr Why should I even care If you’re poor or in need or you starve eh? I think I’m quite fair Why do they compare What I am to white grubs or fly larvae?   Me? I never harmed anyone I never had any fun In high school they … Continue reading