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‘O lout ‘O boor ‘O fetid spoor ‘O blight upon our land ‘O stench ‘O stain ‘O abiding shame ‘O fear by hate speech fanned ‘O fat ‘O white ‘O repellant sight Of opulence and greed Whose first of acts Repeal roll-backs For borrowers in need ‘O pompous grotesque oafish braggart Take that thumb you … Continue reading

The Ballad of What the Right-Wing Neocon Plutocrats Want – Really.

Best believe the far right majority Ain’t concerned with women, gays, or minorities Shit is all subterfuge All they want is a stooge To help loot us – their A1 priority   And part of the plan of these stoats Is to keep us at each other’s throats While weaseling more Of what they’re living … Continue reading

The Ballad to Sound the Alarm or: Wake up America…or Stay in Bed Forever – This Election is For ALL the Marbles

They’re coming for our Medicare Our right to choose – so best beware They’re coming for our social net They want whatever they can get   Wisconsin’s our first battleground This creep Scott Walker must go down The money will come pouring in From Super PAC’s to save his skin   They want to kill … Continue reading