Rupert Murdoch

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The other evening I watched a wonderful documentary on Hugh Romney aka Wavy Gravy, and it got me to questioning as to why I harbor such an abiding dislike for the Right-Wing of this country, and, since they are usually all Republicans, why I harbor this deep animosity in general of the Republican Party. Firstly, … Continue reading

A New Year’s Ballad For the Right-Wing Media and Their Corporate Backers or: Here’s Wishing All You Toadies a Very,Very Crappy New Year.

The Kochs are two vermin Limbaugh needs wormin’ They spread their disease like ebola Ingraham’s a slag Coulter’s in drag And none of ‘em knows shit from shinola   Beck is a prick Hume is a dick O’Reilly’s a tick on humanity Murdoch’s a ghoul Asman’s a tool And speaking of tools there is Hannity … Continue reading