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Today is the fourteenth anniversary of the bombing of The World Trade Center in New York City. It is a day upon which everyone  who voted for George W. Bush and Dick Cheney should feel deeply ashamed.

And because they are all so  very  ignorant they will not.

The Republican party is fond of boasting how safe they can keep us. How very tough they are. Of course the people making these windy boasts have themselves never donned a uniform in the armed services of our country – nor would they – ever.

The people who elected the idiot Bush and the war criminal Cheney (who had five deferments during the Vietnam war)   are as much to blame for the tragedy of 9/11 as are the people who precipitated and carried out this massacre.

George W. Bush and Dick Cheney had repeated warnings of such an event’s possibility and both chose to  blatantly  and blithely  ignore these warnings. Of course, they were elected because  they  were the ones who would keep America safe. The myth being that the Republican Party was the get-tough party. Let us pause here to point out that it took a Democratic President to  really  be tough and to find and kill the people who actually planned and carried out 9/11 – after repeated Republican failures to do so – although George W. Bush (the great poseur)  swore  he would get Bin Laden. Why, he even donned a Naval flight suit and landed on a carrier to show how macho he was. Didn’t he?

And, to compound his willful arrogance in ignoring the repeated warnings he was given as to the possibility that a tragedy of this magnitude would take place, the war criminal Cheney, and his minions, convinced the moronic puppet-President George W. Bush that it was  Iraq  that was to blame (in spite of overwhelming evidence to the contrary.)  And,  to then proceed to bomb Iraq back into the stone age – this, of course, neatly fitting the agenda that Republican neo-cons such as Donald Rumsfeld harbored going back to the eighties. The Republican “brain” trust only needed a convenient reason, one the brain dead red-blooded Republican voters of this country could swallow.

The voters who elected George W. Bush and Dick Cheney have the blood of the millions of Iraqi men women and children on their hands. They have the blood of  all  the people who perished in The Trade Towers that fateful day  and  the blood of all of the members of our armed forces who lost their lives in Iraq.

And, to this day, as is their wont, Republicans are  still  staunchly in favor of threats and bombs over diplomacy…of empty braggadocio and vainglorious bluster over quiet reason.

Vote Republican at your own peril. Or, if you are as stupid as they are.

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2 thoughts on “J’ACCUSE

  1. A friend of mine that lives in Manhattan texted me early this morning:
    If you weren’t downtown at the great glass boner, you wouldn’t know its 9/11 here. People don’t give a shit any more.
    And I answered:
    They (people) don’t feel any sadness or pay respect for all of the innocent people that died on that date, it doesn’t matter if it was Bush or Bin Laden, it’s like an army that just lost soldiers in a war or a traffic accident the way they see it, and now, next year 10.000 Syrians are emigrating to the States, are you kidding?
    It’s like the goverment and the society are absolutely souless and lifeless ,shame on all of this Trumps, Bill Gates, Apples and politicians, this is a shame for mankind…
    We think we are ok, but we have entered the auto dismantling stage in this disappearing society in which we live, we’ll be sold by parts, because the engine of life and creation it’s no longer running in this nation…


    Posted by transtime | September 11, 2015, 9:49 pm

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