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Barking In The Dark

I expecially like movies with a lot of big explosions all the time and things get blowed up. Expecally when a movie starts right away with a huge BOOOOM …and you are surounded by the suround sound surounding you all around, and shit comes rushing strait at you from the explosion on the screen then I know I am going to really like this movie.

The explosions seen from midtown Toronto. The explosions seen from midtown Toronto. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Its intaresting that some of the gratest movies I have ever before seen in my life are always the ones that have the loudest explosions – and lots of them. And the acters don’t say too many words which just gets in the way of the whole thing as far as I can see. I just saw this movie where a whole city got blowed to smithereenes and it was so amazing I ate twelve packs…

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