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Screw Planned Parenthood! Screw Breast Exams! Republican Raid on Seven Sisters Schools Jails Ten Thousand Women…More to Come.

Barking In The Dark

Led by Republican Senator The Right Reverend Billy Willy Joe Bob Goober of Mississippi, a crack team of ex-Blackwater assault troops called Kochs Kommandos pulled off a coordinated surprise pre-dawn raid on the five of the seven sisters, a group of liberal arts women’s colleges in the Northeast, the two exceptions to the raid being Radcliffe and Vassar which are now co-ed. “We wanted tuh surprise dese heah babes in dey-uh beds” said Goober, “an’ it appee-uhs we wuz successful.”

The women totaling some ten thousand plus including faculty, and ranging in age from eighteen to sixty-five were rounded up, dragged off in various stages of undress and night dress, herded into various jails, and booked in the early morning hours on charges of “indecent exposure, overt and extreme feminism, and wanting to “control their own bodies.” The women pictured here on the right with the pro- Planned Parenthood sign…

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