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It should now be painfully obvious that the toxic combination of malignant narcissism, an absence of any morality, a dark streak of cruelty and a burning need to win at any cost which makes up Donald John Trump has led him to conclude that his inept bungling of the Covid-19 pandemic can now be used to his electoral benefit.

Political Cartoon: Along for the Trump COVID ride

No matter what anyone in the media says about the way Donald Trump is now bungling the fight against this terrible pandemic, we can believe with a high degree of certainty that in the warped mind of the sociopath Donald Trump, Covid-19 has now become useful in that it will serve to keep Democratic voters away from the polls on election day. The odds are that more of his “base” (an apropos description) will show up to vote in person on November 3rd. Trump is counting on the knowlege that these people are blatantly  inconsiderate and so dumbfoundingly stupid as to be unconcerned for their own safety, the safety of their families, and anyone else they come in maskless contact with. In this, they mirror the monster they adore – and they will serve his desire to keep Covid-19 alive. He also knows that regarding Covid, Democratic voters are far more informed, far more considerate, and far more intelligent and thus they have decided that it is prudent to send their ballots in by mail. Trump’s reptile brain has calculated this, and so; keeping Covid alive is, to his way of thinking, in his best interest.

Landgren cartoon: Likely voters - Opinion - Ellwood City Ledger - Ellwood  City, PA

Meanwhile, as 500,000 cases have been reported in the last week in the United States, this bringer of death insists that we have “turned the corner” on Covid-19, and his crowd of fools believes him. This is how evil this monster is. A monster who knew in mid-January that Covid-19 was deadly.  As of October 2020, this virus has reached 35.5 million cases and caused 1.04 million deaths worldwide. Donald Trump was warned ten months ago that numbers like these were a possibility. His immediate reaction was his usual default; lie.

His reaction was so inept as to make us the world leader in Covid deaths. Trump is a thing so evil, so uncaring, so callous, as to now use this deadly disease as a weapon in his struggle to maintain power. And his equally vile family is right there cheering him on.

If the coronavirus death rate in the United States were similar to that of Australia, it would have had 187,661 fewer COVID-19 deaths (94% of reported deaths), and, compared with Canada, it would have had 117,622 fewer deaths (59%).

It should now be now painfully obvious to anyone who can still connect the dots that Trump’s incompetence in the fight to contain Covid is now seen by him as a plus. His bloodless calculation is that Covid will keep Democratic turn-out down on November 3rd, while his “base” turns out in droves. This is borne out by how seemingly unconcerned his oafish followers are by all his well-attended superspreader rallies. Rallies that Trump insists on holding  – and now we know why.

Landgren cartoon: Trump's peaceful transition - Opinion - Ionia Sentinel -  Standard-Ionia, MI - Ionia, MI

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2 thoughts on “TRUMP LOVES COVID

  1. Hanging out for Tuesday. My daughters and I have all voted from overseas. We were allowed to email our ballots.


    Posted by leggypeggy | October 30, 2020, 1:12 am

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