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An entire family of seven went on a prolonged shooting spree yesterday in a department store. Angered by the fact that a salesperson in the sporting goods department sold their eight year old daughter a defective assault rifle, the Wilbur family of American Fork, Utah stormed into Bob’s Department Store at eleven a.m. Saturday – … Continue reading

Mitt’s Mistress (La Maitresse de Mitt)

I watched from the window table as the long black Mercedes limo came to a smooth stop curbside in front of Jake’s, a tony restaurant in the Georgetown neighborhood of Washington DC. The chauffeur came around to open the door for the elegant well dressed woman who, with the chauffeur’s assistance, slowly, and with some … Continue reading

One Cheeseburger Comin’ Up…Eventually

I checked at the prices on the menu and then peered through the diner window. It looked kind of friendly – I mean, immediately in front of me there was a guy in a booth with his head on the table and nobody seemed to be bothering him so… I hadn’t been in a restaurant … Continue reading

My VBA. I Owe it All to My Mother and Her Mah Jongg Group

Okay…I’m just another weak-willed seeker of approval – there I’ve said it, i admit it, I plead guilty and throw myself on the mercy of the court. Having now confessed to my deeply flawed character I will now say that I am flattered and thrilled in the night to have a fellow purveyor of sarcasm … Continue reading

Mitt Romney: The Art of the Flip- Flop. Or; if I Said That, This is What I Really Meant…For Now. Unless I Change My Mind. I Think. Maybe.

Republican Primary candidate Mitt Romney made an unscheduled campaign stop yesterday in New Blemish Iowa. The New Blemish Daily Morning Movement, the town’s paper of record reports that Mr. Romney stopped for breakfast, some “pressing the flesh,” and an impromptu “town hall” meeting at New Blemish’s favorite dining destination, Phil and Darla’s Hits ‘n Runs … Continue reading

One Nutty, Crazy, Koo Koo, Flipped Out, Screwball, Best Day of Days – EVER!

Her name was Mia, Mia Kulpa. And believe me, if being ravishing was a capital offense, a jury would retire, deliberate for 17 seconds, and find her guilty on all counts. Some people said she was bad. I thought she was good…real good.   I first met Mia that balmy spring day when she floated … Continue reading