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End Times Prediction According to Opposing Scientific Findings

According to the recently discovered NC – the Neanderthal Calendar – the “End Time” will occur tomorrow at 5:22 PM, which will seriously screw up rush hour. The NC year is divided into 4 months, 1. Hey look – my balls are thawing out, 2. Wow, it’s really nice out now, 3. Okay, what Happened … Continue reading

Cavemen at Work: Robbing Paul to Pay Perry (Plus a Related Item at the bottom)

So I see where Texas Governor – and Republican Presidential hopeful – Rick Perry, who’s made his bones calling for a smaller federal government while blasting federal spending, is now whining that the federal government has been too slow to send FEMA funds to help fight the wildfires currently raging in Texas. His friend, Ron Paul, … Continue reading