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If there was any doubt in anyone’s mind that Donald Trump is a cynical piece of shit, Saturday’s display of arrogant empty bloviating in Detroit in front of the Great Faith Ministries International church should serve to dispel that doubt. He read his remarks from a prepared script which he said he wrote himself…Sure ya … Continue reading

*The Plutocrats Parade against Poverty or: Why Must I Even Have to Look at These Low-Lifes?

Taking their cue from the Occupy Wall Street protest, America‚Äôs wealthiest 200 families, numbering some 25,000 people in all, and underwritten by the Koch Brothers, and The Committee to Keep Wall Street Working for the Wealthy, have built 1,000 custom-made chauffeured sleeper coaches, and will be embarking on a motorized caravan to Detroit, Michigan in … Continue reading