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God Holds Press Conference

In Her first press conference since She labeled Mitt Romney “a Mormon without the second m,” God today said that She deliberately brought Hurricane Isaac to Florida to delay the Republican Convention because “I do not like mean, small minded, selfish, holier-than-thou racists, who hide behind symbols like biblical fairy tales and flags to cover … Continue reading

More Email From the Tea Party or: Was Trayvon Martin a Gang Banging Tattooed Killer

I am a proud member of the Florida Tea Party, as well as a devowt Christian to.I am absolutely one hundred per cent sure that this boy Trayvan Martian attacked this upstanding civil cervant George Zinnerman in my heart.   I just did a experiment with my boy out in the back yard. I sent … Continue reading

I’ve Been Given the 7 X 7 Award – Again, I Owe it All to My Mother’s Mah Jongg Group

7 x 7 Link Award  (which icon i’m not clever enough to put into this post (it’s a miracle that i can create links) but courtesy of Dee at Miss Demure Restraint here’s the link for the award icon so you can post it in yours: http://i1218.photobucket.com/albums/dd416/missdemurerestraint/7by7.png And yes, I received the 7×7 Link Award from Miss … Continue reading