Game Boy

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The members of GOOBER (Guns: Our Ordained Blessed Earthly Right) marched on Washington yesterday. Brandishing various assault rifles and semi-automatic handguns, thousands of GOOBERS descended upon our nation’s capitol to demand understanding for people who slaughter other people in shooting sprees. “Whut we are askin’ fer is jes’ some common coitesy. We have been vilifahd … Continue reading

The Ballad of Rick Perry (With apologies to Cain, Bachmann, Ryan, Santorum, Cantor, et al

Hey Ricky – does it trouble you You’re twice as dumb as W? Your “brain” can barely grasp Game Boy by Sega But brains is not your “thing” because Half your head is filled with gauze You’ve got the IQ of a rutabaga We love the things that make you fun Like jogging with a … Continue reading