Hail Mary

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The Ballad of the 3 Stooges plus One or: Let’s Hear it For The GOP Candidates – These are Their Best and Brightest

Four Republican knobs Who don’t address jobs Hey – as wedge it has little importance Compared to glory hallelujah Sticking probes up your hoohah Religion, gay rights and abortions   Absent of plan Slick to a man (Okay – except for Ron Paul) They keep accusing Obama Of their imaginary drama Shit don’t even play … Continue reading

The Ballad of The Religious Right or: My God is Waaaay Better Than Yours

Now the Religious Right have reached dizzying heights Of hypocrisy pure plain and simple St. Mary herself Seeing their pelf Would blush red with shame ‘neath her wimple   First we’ve Ralph Reed whose mean hate filled creed Decrees gays will not make it to heaven I guess none of us heard When they passed … Continue reading