New Hampshire

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So Iowans just said bye bye to ya We’ve seen ya and we’ve seen right through ya You once said “No one remembers who came in second,” Donald, your gold-plated penthouse now beckons   You were a Republican, then an independent, then you were a Democrat And then a Republican – again You’re a windsock, … Continue reading

The Ballad of the New Hampshire Republican “Debate” Re-Cap or: Who’s on First, What’s on Second, I Don’t Know is on Third.

New Hampshire: a white-wing wing dinger (Think white-wing’s a slip of the finger?) The circus rolled in The seals flapped their fins Hoping to hear that ka-ching-a   We watched as they tried to devour Each other in their finest hour Ricks – dumb and Newt vicious Mitt, Ron, All: suspicious Of whatever gives working … Continue reading