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OMG!!…I just SIS, and my shoe is really yucky, :-) WTF! WAB! LOL!

Woke up, stretched, JOOB, and headed for the BR, to BMT, WMF, CMH, and padded into the kitchen to MSC, and some BAE and T. Yummy! Went back to the BR and had a HBM…oooh so good, almost BTS,  :D…almost. I left the house, got in the car, and headed downtown TW. At the office, … Continue reading

I Mean, Like in The Big Brother House?

I mean, like I can’t really like remember like what it’s like to like like someone, and maybe they like don’t like like you back? Because I mean like that’s like gotta hurt like somethin’ like fierce-like? And I mean I guess like it must’ve, but like I don’t like remember it? I mean, it’s … Continue reading