Payroll tax cut

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This Koch’s For You (Are Fucked!) Or: No Payroll Tax Break or Unemployment Checks For You Unless There’s Oil For Them

The Koch brothers greedy and vile Own the Tea Party gang rank and file The pipeline’s their goal And to get it they’d roll Every family – man, woman, and child   So they shoved Keystone oil in the bill And if they don’t get it they’ll kill Our tax break, our checks We can … Continue reading

The Ballad of Our Payroll Tax Cut or: GOP: “Give us the Oil and You Can Have Your Lousy Thousand”

They clicked their heels and all saluted, all red tied and all blue suited All heil Grover Norquist – you’re our Fuhrer Payroll tax cut? Thousand bucks? For who? For all these working schmucks? Don’t they know that suffering makes them purer?   We’ll only do it for the pipeline; the measly thousand is their … Continue reading