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The Ballad of What the Right-Wing Neocon Plutocrats Want – Really.

Best believe the far right majority Ain’t concerned with women, gays, or minorities Shit is all subterfuge All they want is a stooge To help loot us – their A1 priority   And part of the plan of these stoats Is to keep us at each other’s throats While weaseling more Of what they’re living … Continue reading

Why I Am so Filled With Vitriol for the Right-Wing and for Republicans in General

The other evening I saw a wonderful documentary on Hugh Romney aka Wavy Gravy, and it got me to questioning as to why I harbor such an animosity against the Right-Wing of this country, and, since they are usually all Republicans, why I harbor such a deep dislike in general of the Republican Party. Firstly, … Continue reading

Part 2: The Ballad of Newt (in Honor of his “Surge”)

Because of his “surge” I still have the urge To do some more Nit Goongrich trashin’ His new campaign stops Are just Photo-ops For his book so this poseur can cash in Old Newtie’s rooters (Limbaugh leisure suiters) And others who’ve been Fox-TV’d All turn out and look Happy you sign their book Funny – … Continue reading