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The Ballad of the 3 Stooges plus One or: Let’s Hear it For The GOP Candidates – These are Their Best and Brightest

Four Republican knobs Who don’t address jobs Hey – as wedge it has little importance Compared to glory hallelujah Sticking probes up your hoohah Religion, gay rights and abortions   Absent of plan Slick to a man (Okay – except for Ron Paul) They keep accusing Obama Of their imaginary drama Shit don’t even play … Continue reading

Another in the Series “Email From the Tea-Party” or: “Erectile” Redux

I am sorry, but I just keep on hearing the word erectile in so many of our TV commershals these days that I am just all fit to be tied up. I am a growed 51 year old woman but I do not need to hear erectile this and erectile that and erectile all over … Continue reading

The Ballad of the New Hampshire Republican “Debate” Re-Cap or: Who’s on First, What’s on Second, I Don’t Know is on Third.

New Hampshire: a white-wing wing dinger (Think white-wing’s a slip of the finger?) The circus rolled in The seals flapped their fins Hoping to hear that ka-ching-a   We watched as they tried to devour Each other in their finest hour Ricks – dumb and Newt vicious Mitt, Ron, All: suspicious Of whatever gives working … Continue reading

Republicans: “Less Regulations”, and My Tuna Salad Sandwich

Eagerly looking forward to the big game this afternoon, I went to the fridge and got out the tuna salad that my good wife Jane had made yesterday afternoon. We had gone to the market together to shop for groceries yesterday morning, and I had remarked that “boy, I’m really in the mood to have … Continue reading

Cavemen at Work: Robbing Paul to Pay Perry (Plus a Related Item at the bottom)

So I see where Texas Governor – and Republican Presidential hopeful – Rick Perry, who’s made his bones calling for a smaller federal government while blasting federal spending, is now whining that the federal government has been too slow to send FEMA funds to help fight the wildfires currently raging in Texas. His friend, Ron Paul, … Continue reading