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WHAT!!? ORGY? ORGY?? (# 5 in the Satirical Series; Emails from the Tea Party

I just heard on the TV while I was in the other room that Sprint is America’s favorite ORGY network? What? What??? This is crazy! This is something my grandchildren are seeing! This wanton purmisivness has GOT TO STOP! What with the gays getting married and whatever else those people do, I mean, who knows … Continue reading

More Email from the Tea Party or: Fooled by the Gay TV

I was ironing and starching my hubbies under wares the other day last week while he was out teachin’ the grandkids to shoot squirrels because he says the starchy stiffness of his shorts reminds him of when he was a teen-ager and I heared on the TV that they was giving awards out to grannies … Continue reading

I Mean, Like in The Big Brother House?

I mean, like I can’t really like remember like what it’s like to like like someone, and maybe they like don’t like like you back? Because I mean like that’s like gotta hurt like somethin’ like fierce-like? And I mean I guess like it must’ve, but like I don’t like remember it? I mean, it’s … Continue reading