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Why oil prices are high or: How to Make a Reality of the Republican Rallying Cry of “Drill Baby Drill”

The reason that oil prices are high Has nothing to do with demand and supply The supply of oil has never been greater And demand is now lower – so what’s the cause? – oil traders Down there on Wall Street who’re all greedy fucks Whose sole interest lies in piling up bucks Who through … Continue reading

The Ballad of Why Roach Limbaugh Hates Women or: I’ll Give You One Guess…

And P.S.   You’re to “sexy” what a “diamond” to “shit” is I would bet you don’t know where the clit is ‘Cause you’re an insect who seethes with misogyny Whose parents should’ve never had progeny   Roach Limbaugh Roach Limbaugh The voice of the dumb Four wives he has had Not a one he’s … Continue reading

The Ballad of Roach Limbaugh Redux: This Goes out To You – His Audience of Morons

ROACH LIMBAUGH program excerpt on Georgetown coed Ms. Sandra Fluke who spoke at a Democratic hearing where she talked about the need for birth control coverage. Fluke spoke of one friend in particular who needed contraception to prevent ovarian cysts;   “Folks, if you ask ’em — if you ask ’em — the Washington, DC, … Continue reading