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Barking In The Dark

Dateline USA 2015

We interrupt this blog to report that no students repeat – no students – were shot in The United States of America today. This is a first since April, 2014.

National Rifle Association representative R. C. “Chesty” Pullet said; “This is a very serious occurrence – or non-occurrence. We have no explanation for this non-event as we have made every effort, and believed we had succeeded, in arming every American citizen – including the most underprivileged and deranged among us. Well…especially the most underprivileged and deranged among us.” When pressed further by TV news shows as to how this could have happened Mr. Pullet opined, “Perhaps there just aren’t enough guns on the street. We thought we had done quite a thorough job in this endeavor but…” His voice tailed off and for a second he appeared to be genuinely puzzled.

News divisions in every major…

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