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We can not allow a Semite as our Prezident who therefore is related to them there Arab people and therefore to terrerists like them that is bomming things up to make us all afrade. He is obviusly not a Christain as we are who woold only bomm them thats deserves it like them Iranis and therefore again not a man of Christlike values such as us.

He believes that a man and a man – and a woman and a woman can get marryed and that there shoold be these places such as like planed parenthoods and free ejucation and free medical care and such as like that which is social-ism gone sooper wild. He is against our bomming them Iranis and so is a danger to our American way and our Christain ideals and should not be voted for for sure.

It is outrajus that such a man is even considered a viabel candidate to become the leeder of the free world which is us and them others over in Yurope when we schock and awe them mud peeple.

As a ejucated voter I woold urje that we not vote for such a man of this tipe to hold a office high up in this land of ours. If you believe we should be bomming them Iranis and you believe in the teachings of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savoir then you will never not elect such a person as this Semite terrerist Bernie Sanders.

I rest my case there.

Walter T. Flemm (all my frends call me WTF)
Whiteville, Mississipi America.


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