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The red "GOP" logo used by the party...

The red “GOP” logo used by the party for its website (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Caligula: The third of Rome’s emperors, Caligula (formally known as Gaius) achieved feats of waste and carnage during his four-year reign (A.D. 37-41) unmatched even by his infamous nephew Nero. The son of a great military leader, he escaped family intrigues to take the throne, and entertain his personal and fiscal excesses.

By now it should be abundantly clear to anyone with a brain that Republicans – and the Republican Party – don’t give a shit about most of us here in this country. In fact, they view us all as impediments that stand in the way of their amassing more wealth as they destroy our land, air, water and food by ridding us of those pesky regulations that have been put in place to protect us from criminally selfish short-sighted people. People like them.

They are so self serving that they are able to ignore the fact that life goes on after they are dead. So absent a cosmic view of life as to render them worthy of our abject disgust at any pretense to humanity they may claim. So self seeking in their willful destruction of our laws, our health, our environment as to be deserving of our contempt.

Washington State Republican Party booth at Bum...

Washington State Republican Party booth at Bumbershoot, a music and arts festival held every Labor Day at Seattle Center, Seattle, Washington. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

By firing the man investigating him and his Russian pals this bat shit nutcase would-be king in the Republican White House has said “fuck you” to all of us. This should be a clue to us all as to how Republicans really feel about the citizens of this country. Witness how many of these vile Republicans in Congress are still on the side of this crazy ignorant arrogant criminal!

How selfish and short-sighted are Republicans? Just consider: The Republican actions vis-a-vis their denial of climate change and the resulting dismantling of our environmental regulations show they don’t even care that their own children will have to live in the very same environment that they are now willfully destroying.

And consider: After depriving 24 million people of healthcare these Republican shit stains thought it just fine and dandy to hold a self-congratulation party in the Rose Garden – and fuck whatever we might think about it! We do not matter.

As they always have, this party of greedy selfish puppets is putting Republicanism ahead of their country. I hope the disrespect they show for us all – their complete disregard for our Constitution and our laws – and the destructive actions of these horrible small people in the racist, xenophobic, homophobic, “God-fearing” hypocritical Republican Party, rather than making us shake our heads and wonder, are instead making us all good and angry.





Ruins of the Roman Forum

Ruins of the Roman Forum (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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12 thoughts on “OUR CALIGULA MOMENT

  1. My contempt for the GOP is total. I fucking hate these traitorous bastards. I do hope that what happened to Caligula happens to tRump. He most certainly deserves it. The fucker.


    Posted by inspiredbythedivine1 | May 12, 2017, 5:06 pm
  2. LOL I just posted about having my Nero moment ( ” I feel like Nero playing the lyre and singing while Rome burns ” )


    Posted by renxkyoko | May 12, 2017, 1:57 am
  3. Yes. The time to impeach is drawing nearer. Meanwhile, let’s help Jon Ossof in GA and Rob Quist in Montana make it to the House of Representatives! 😉 xoM


    Posted by Margarita | May 11, 2017, 9:20 pm
  4. Claudius was Roman emperor from 41 to 54. A member of the …. After the death of Tiberius the new emperor Caligula (the son of Claudius’ brother)
    Yours truly Claudio …


    Posted by transtime | May 11, 2017, 3:03 pm

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