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To my mind there is only one word descriptive enough, nuanced enough and all-encompassing enough, to describe the grotesquerie that currently occupies the oval office of The White House.

Every time I see this person on television this word immediately springs to mind. I have now gone through all the angry stages of description for this person; con man, self-absorbed, liar, narcissist, insecure, dangerous, unhinged, thin-skinned, etc. etc. and have arrived at last at the only word that, for me, truly completely describes this unconscious tone-deaf obscenity that lumbers among us.

I have heard only one other person use this word to describe this grotesquerie – and that was the great comedian Billy Crystal – so I feel I am on to something here and have been for quite some time now. If this word hadn’t as yet come to your mind before when witnessing the actions of this person then the recent horrendous Nazi rally and ensuing murder in Charlottesville, and now the destruction wrought by the tragic hurricane in Puerto Rico should, by now, have finally planted this word, or some other version of the meaning, or gist, of this word in the minds of many of us when witnessing the actions of this person after these tragedies.

Imagine…recoiling in horror when a hurricane victim shows him a water tablet that cleans filthy water and makes it potable…”Wait,” Trump said, “you put it in dirty water?” and when the lady answered “sure” “really” Trump said with a disgusted look, “really” she said… and gleefully jump-shooting rolls of paper towels into a grasping crowd of people desperate for any help many of whom are still without electricity or drinkable water…then, absent any thought, he said to some hurricane victims, “In the meantime, here you are, have a good time.”

The only word broad enough, high enough, deep enough to wrap around all the selfish, clueless, tone-deaf grotesqueness that this person is…is…





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9 thoughts on “ONLY ONE WORD WILL DO

  1. Schmuck is by all means the perfect word. He is still is a number 1 asshole…


    Posted by A Pondering Mind | October 9, 2017, 9:33 am
  2. I hasn’t done nothing, he just talks, here we go again, he is harmless compare to the criminal group of Bush-Cheney…


    Posted by transtime | October 8, 2017, 10:59 am
  3. Perfect!


    Posted by nkdwhtguy | October 8, 2017, 10:58 am

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