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Sanity’s defeat is now complete

A lunatic now governs us by tweet

It now is de rigueur to heed each bleat

Coming from this loony’s toilet seat



And while he sits and dumps his shit

Our earth is burning bit by bit

Our water has become unfit

As fellow madmen ignore it


Are we insane? We need to ask

Have we drained the kool aid flask?

Our executioner sits unmasked

Still our necks bare to his task

Image result for icebergs melting pics

Our train of thought has jumped the tracks

There are no truths nor any facts

The wall is up against our backs

The reaper smiles and hones his ax


Why don’t we scream, stand up and yell

Eight, then nine, loud tolls the bell

Ten, eleven, clangs its knell

Midnight nears – all is not well

Image result for washed up whale pics free

Can’t we see our per’lous plight?

We must stand, kick, scream and fight

We must rage against this night

We must disinfect this blight


Children as yet born will they

See a starry sky in may?

See the dawning of a day

Not if we all shy away

Image result for fossil fuel damage pics free

Not if we stay mute and blind

Nor if we’re by fear confined

Not if we are all resigned

Or, have we all just lost our minds?


P. Fucking S.

David Koch of Koch Industries, one of the worst polluters of the planet, died Friday, August 23rd. Good.

   VOTE BLUE            VOTE BLUE             VOTE BLUE                  VOTE BLUE


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  1. We’re wondering who’ll get Koch’s money?


    Posted by leggypeggy | August 24, 2019, 5:52 pm

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