Citizen’s United

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This is a story as old as the hills The rich hire the lawyers The poor pay the bills So, in light of the current impeach throes A poem on just where the law’s reach goes I type with thoughts that gnaw Why should I heed the law While Rudy trots the globe For scofflaws … Continue reading


Are corporations people? The U.S. Supreme Court says they are, at least for some purposes. And in the past four years, the high court has dramatically expanded corporate rights. It ruled that corporations have the right to spend money in candidate elections, and that some for-profit corporations may, on religious grounds, refuse to comply with … Continue reading

The Ballad of the Republican Plan or: You say Potato, I say Patahto, You say Tomato, I say Tamahto…

  In Bohemian Grove in ‘09 the Republicans hatched their plan Let’s get rid of this nigger Obama – ANY damn way we can   Long before they ever saw What the man could do To move us forward, they all swore On their bibles to Destroy the man even tho’ It meant destroying us … Continue reading

The Ballad of the 196 Selfish Criminals

One-ninety-six Oligarchs Who think of us merely as marks Have contributed 80 per cent Of all of the PAC money spent To keep us down under their thumb To keep us in fear, deaf, and dumb, And lost in this cloud of dissension That keeps us from paying attention While this terrible one-ninety-six Moves us … Continue reading

The Ballad of Rush Limbaugh’s Nightmare or: I Dreamt Something So Terrible I Had to Take Some More Oxycontin…A Whole Lot More

Rush Limbaugh had a horrid fright A dream that kept him up all night That FDR came back that day And found the jobs Bush threw away   He dreamt there was a new New Deal So many jobs – it was too real New roads and rails and schools and this An educated populace … Continue reading