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The Ballad of Rick Santorum’s or: Sex in the Time of Santorum

In light of Rick Santorum’s views on the Parkland Protesters here are his views on that most sacrilegious of human acts…sex. Santorum once had some momentum His base thought that God must’ve sent ‘im Tho’ no birth control Means more dopes in the fold Who couldn’t buy IQ’s or rent ‘em   This man with … Continue reading

The Ballad of Roach Limbaugh Redux: This Goes out To You – His Audience of Morons

ROACH LIMBAUGH program excerpt on Georgetown coed Ms. Sandra Fluke who spoke at a Democratic hearing where she talked about the need for birth control coverage. Fluke spoke of one friend in particular who needed contraception to prevent ovarian cysts;   “Folks, if you ask ’em — if you ask ’em — the Washington, DC, … Continue reading