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The channel for folks who are logically challenged Who cannot list thinking as one of their talents The channel of shit With news skewed to fit Minds that are equally unfair and unbalanced                                                      The channel of cartoons and bleach blonde news honeys Beholden to all of them Koch brother’s monies The channel of muck … Continue reading

Exclusive Report; the Real Trayvon Martin Uncovered

Fox News revealed just minutes ago that Trayvon Martin was a double agent for an as yet unnamed country in either the west or east….or maybe even the Middle East. As ace Fox anchor Bill O’Reilly reports, “It has been discovered by our sources that allegedly George Zimmerman knew that Mr. Martin was probably a … Continue reading

The Ballad of Ayatollah Santorum or: Hey – Why Shouldn’t Our Women Wear Burqas Anyway? And – What Does He Really Want?

If this repressed idiot Should win what a pity it Would signal that we’re certifiable Might we then be condoning Slave owning and stoning? After all, they’re okay in Rick’s bible And let’s not forget folks who are “smart” Rick says they’re “Satanic” at heart And the “elites” who’ve been taught By these “smart” folk … Continue reading

The Ballad of Cell Cam Sousveillance or: Fuck You Fox News – Here’s What REALLY happened

Thank goodness we now have sousveilling We, the people, now use it for nailing The dim troglodytes Who trample our rights By spraying, and beating, and jailing   Thus, in factual real-time depictions We see all the Fox ‘“news” contradictions Now we all know our cell Is the real show and tell Exposing Fox News’ … Continue reading