Gay bashing

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The Ballad of Willard “Mitt” Romney or: Willard is a Perfect Name for Someone Who Enjoys the Company of *Rodents.

Mitt you’re a real fucking git You’re a scumbag, and a douche bag large writ You’re a self-serving spoiled piece of shit As fake as a silicon tit With one half  the wit of half-wit With a laugh that’s a real counterfeit A flip flopping smug hypocrite An empty valise of a nit So wholly, … Continue reading

The Ballad of The Religious Right or: My God is Waaaay Better Than Yours

Now the Religious Right have reached dizzying heights Of hypocrisy pure plain and simple St. Mary herself Seeing their pelf Would blush red with shame ‘neath her wimple   First we’ve Ralph Reed whose mean hate filled creed Decrees gays will not make it to heaven I guess none of us heard When they passed … Continue reading