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The GOP Convention: A Never-Before-Seen Television Milestone

Last night at the GOP Convention of racist, delusional, gullible white people, the Mitt Romney “brain” trust chose, by way of introducing Mr. Romney to the television audience at large, a rumpled, rambling, ventriloquist who – in an entertainment first – was his own dummy. This has been a Barking in the Dark exclusive.   … Continue reading

The Ballad of the Republican Party Defined

To all of you who remain loyal  To the GOP family of “royals” And you’re not rich, or privileged, or fried, And your news isn’t all Fox-i-fied And you actually CAN think – and read Love your wife, and your children, and need A job, and some healthcare, and the knowledge That, if they wish, … Continue reading

Republicans to “Create” Perfect Candidate, and – They’ve Got a Name for “It”

The GOP reached out to their partners today in an effort to find the perfect candidate to run against President Obama in this fall’s election. Pooling their PAC money to fund a joint effort between their partners Saudi Arabia, and Germany, the GOP have tasked the two leading eugenics laboratories in these countries to create … Continue reading

The Ballad of the War Drums Again or: Whatever Happened to Teddy Roosevelt’s GOP?

They’re beating the war drums again Can you hear? Boom, boom, boom, Boom, boom, and boom, Faint in the distance Tho’ now growing near Boom, boom, boOM, BOOM, BOOM, AND BOOM, And now it’s Iran Who’s the new bogey man And these oil whores who urge we attack Are the same ones who blamed The … Continue reading

A Ballad to the Ladies (and Their Husbands and Boyfriends) Relative to This Upcoming Major Election

To the ladies who follow my muse I know you’re all up on the news So I’m sure you’re all wise That the GOP guys Are coming for your right to choose   Each Right-Wing Republican boy Thinks they can win with this ploy That each “values” vote Will jump on the float It’s the … Continue reading