Koch Brothers

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The Ballad of the Republican Candidates or: Would Anybody Like Some Mixed Nuts?

And now – The Republican field Adding all of their IQ’s would yield A remarkable sum Giving them headaches from How to keep this much dumbness concealed   There’s “kids could be janitors” Newt Rick: “whut’s that third thing? Oops – shoot” Cain: was “what affairs?” Michelle: well…who cares? And Mitt who looks good in … Continue reading

The Ballad of the Koch Brothers or: A Line of This Koch Can Kill Ya

The Koch brothers, richer than Croesus “Never enough” is their thesis Their gold is behind The Republican mind In their ongoing efforts to fleece us Their biz ranks top ten in pollution Greed is their main attribution They bankroll their suitors The political polluters Who desecrate our Constitution     They’re cold money-grabbers for sure … Continue reading

The Ballad of Grover Norquist or: Excuse me, but when did we elect this guy?

Every Republican kiss-ass Has pledged their allegiance to this ass Their mantra, their cure; Let’s just tax the poor Who cares about them, they’re a piss class His tax policy’s etched in acid A tax on the rich? We won’t pass it Let all the rest squirm On this he is firm Tho’ the rest … Continue reading

Seizing The Moment/The Obama Condition

Most, if not all, Presidents are, and have been, students of history. Knowing this, I sit here wondering why President Obama has not, or, by the time many of you read this, did not, take any of the myriad opportunities available to him to stand up and forcefully seize the moment. Didn’t he, or whoever … Continue reading