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The Ballad of Fed Up to Here with These Right-Wing Republican Scumbags or: Go Fuck Yourselves You Fundamentalist GOP Trash

I’m sick of all your bullshit You goobers tryin’ to pull shit Screamin’ from your pulpit Goin’ into full fit Tryin’ to pull the wool shit Ya hear enough and you’ll shit From all you freaky people With your hands into a steeple Quotin’ bullshit from your prayer book As if you really care – … Continue reading

The Ballad of Republican Priorities and Philosophy Or: As You Can See Below the Poem, as Sung by Groucho in Horsefeathers, “I’m Against It.”

Well – it surely ain’t the poor And it ain’t the working class And it sure ain’t women’s issues ‘Cause they’re just pieces of ass And it sure ain’t jobs for people And it isn’t Medicare And it ain’t re-building cities Or infra-structure anywhere And it isn’t getting money Out of our elections Nor is … Continue reading

The Ballad of Rick Perry (With apologies to Cain, Bachmann, Ryan, Santorum, Cantor, et al

Hey Ricky – does it trouble you You’re twice as dumb as W? Your “brain” can barely grasp Game Boy by Sega But brains is not your “thing” because Half your head is filled with gauze You’ve got the IQ of a rutabaga We love the things that make you fun Like jogging with a … Continue reading

Rick Perry to Open Chain of Mortuaries across Texas (and a related item)

Rick Perry announced today he’ll be opening a chain of mortuaries across Texas. “Ah got this great idea right smack in the middle of another execution, an’ ah was gonna call ‘em The RP Mortuaries,” said Perry, “but my brilliant wife said, “honey, you have to call ‘em the RIP Mortuaries, you know?…RIP? It’s perfect!” … Continue reading